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06 June 2030 @ 01:56 am
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reach the stars
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07 March 2017 @ 01:24 am
WHY HELLO THERE OOC IJ WORLD. I can't remember when I last read my flist regularly, but now seems as good a time as any to check back in!

I added back anyone who immediately refriended me here (or at my icons/lists/archive CDJ - I still don't use it for interactions, I use this journal), but I will get around to doing the mass defriend/refriend, so if you get notifs when you're friended, that's why you'll end up with them twice.

I'm terrible at pruning my flist, I always have been, so if you don't remember me from HP RPG of old, or past genre games (still miss you, Fairly Tales!), or crossfandom I've done since those, there's obviously NO OBLIGATION to friend me back!

EDIT: IJ is making me crabby, so I just ran my flist as-is through the admin console. AGAIN, no obligation to friend me back! (Though I'm happy to play the What Games/Fandoms Were We In game if we do want to reconnect.)

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19 December 2013 @ 06:22 pm
To the person photoshopping up tweets with my Twitter account name:

if we don't RP together right now, this won't even be relevant to you )
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20 March 2008 @ 06:16 pm
The Life of Athan Babcock  
I think one of the hardest things in RP is both letting a character go and knowing when to do so if it's not a case of leaving a game/having a game close. I've never written one of these sorts of things before, so I don't know if this is quite the way to go about it, but I'll try it as otherwise it's going to feel like he died in my head. This is sort of a combination of his backstory, plotting that was both ongoing and planned and my creative license with some things, so the future of him exists solely in who he had been, who he was to be and who he knew before he exited FT.

Athan Lionel Babcock was a normal boy for most of his life until, at the age of sixteen, he found out he was a member of a community known as Tales, something not joined through choice but because he was the reincarnation of a fairy tale - Ali Baba, to be exact. This came at a time of great upheaval in his life, as he had lost his parents in a car accident and was an unwanted burden on his older brother. Learning he was a Tale was also his salvation, as he was able to leave his unhappy situation and become a resident of the Pentamerone, a place of Tale bureaucracy and housing. With this freedom from that he gained a guardian by the name of Soo Min Ahn, the Morgiana reincarnation from their shared fairy tale.

Soo Min and Athan were awkward with each other for a long time, for though they were similar in many respects, they both needed to learn how to be a family. Eventually they did when, rather than simply stay his guardian, Soo Min adopted him. That would forever set the tone for Athan's life, as everything he did in life was partially to make her proud. She never replaced his mother, but she did become another mother to him, someone he loved without ever questioning why. No matter what secrets her past held, to him she had always and would always be the best of people.

In his young Tale life he did not make as many connections as an outgoing person would have, but the ones he did make were important to him and cherished. He crushed instantly and awkwardly on River, a free-spirited woman who had the apartment across from his, and never really got over that crush even when age gave him the ability to not stare at his shoes and stutter when she was around him. Renee was his friend and together they wandered the City a bit too freely for teenagers, but that freedom was good for them both, as was the ability to sometimes just be kids despite their miniature-adult ways. Once of Athan's favorite early memories with her was his first Easter at the Pen when they decorated it very unusually, but very adorably. By far, however, his best friend was Murdock, a study of personality contrasts that somehow just fit as friends. Rather than be the brother Athan had always wanted his own to be, he was far, far more. Despite the trouble was had, or the lies and stories Murdock told like truth, Athan saw him only through the eyes of an adoring younger brother.

After high school graduation, Athan attended college in New York, eventually majoring in psychology. It was never a career he had considered until the day he declared a major, but it fit him more than any other career ever might have. As a scared boy he had once been the victim of a medical establishment with poor standards, hampered further by Athan's unique status as a Tale, but as a young man he was motivated to see that others, be they Tale or just simply in need, did not suffer the same sort of treatment. That desire to be a psychologist to help children in need was also the motivation behind starting his own facility, one as drastically different as the place he had briefly been as could be.

Dr. Babcock finally set aside his notable awkwardness with women enough to fall ridiculously in love, marry and have four children. For a man who had once been a lost boy with no family, the remainder of his life was one that was incredibly full of family and love, and thus very blessed.

And I'm going to go bawl now.